Saturday, June 30, 2012


Here's post two from my visit to the Dagg campsite.

Yesterday and today we spent a good chunk of the afternoon on the boat.  These are my favourite random self portraits from the time I spent in the murky water.

In the end it was pretty fun having the camera with me while swimming. Although, next time I hope to have a willing subject/be doing something cooler.

tarp surfing

This is Mike Ford.  He likes to surf.  He asked me on a shoot one day (he's also a photographer) if I'd like to go tarp surfing.

On Wednesday morning, we decided to get a few people out and shred some tarp.  

I turned the gopro on myself for a few runs as well.  It was fun for sure.

-- I'm writing this with moths flying into my screen and mosquitos biting skin.  I've finally got some free time away from my family tethered to my iPhone for internet to write this blog post (I'm currently camping at my parent's trailer an hour out of Ottawa).  It was my grandpa and grandma's 60th wedding anniversary yesterday, so almost my entire mom's side is here.  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

quick portrait - rodrigo daguerre

Unfortunately I can't share anything I've been working on the past few weeks, but I can share this quick photo I snapped of Rodrigo Daguerre fresh off the card.  It's pretty low key, unplanned, wear what you're wearing and stand over here type photo, but it breaks the "no blog post" drought...

Look for a few projects to pop up on the blog soon (as well as more quick portraits).

I'm also heading to my parents cottage back home, so expect a blog post for sure.