Friday, August 26, 2011

the dagg family

I have so many half posts... I really need to get some time and finish them up.  It's been busy lately and there just hasn't been time to shoot post worthy stuff or edit previous creatives.

BUT, on the note of not posting anything, I'll dig into my "not posted" work to post something potentially entertaining this Friday.
This was taken during a test for an attempt at a quick family portrait last time I saw my parents.  We spent so much time outdoors when I was little and I really wanted to catch that casual "camping" feel without it looking too cheesy.  The mosquitos were horrible yet again, and I think we managed to get 6 frames before we gave up.

That spot in the middle (as you'll see in the actual photo below) is for me.  Why are they both looking at it you might ask? Well, it's actually an ant hill...

So this photo is even funnier knowing I'm sitting on hundreds of ants.  The ants turned into a great distraction and source of smile inspiration which is why my super squinty smile makes an appearance.
There are a few real posts in the works that should be up soon.  I also have a few creatives in the works and an ongoing review of that Fuji X100 that is close to completion.  Here's hoping!

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