Sunday, September 4, 2011

Aliens and high ISO

 I went to watch Apollo 18 with a friend (Marshall Seyler), not expecting much.  It sort of delivered, being a somewhat quirky alien film straying away from the typical green men.  I love alien movies, especially when they have real life events woven into their stories and this one was no exception.

Although it was somewhat predictable, it was still entertaining.  It did a good job of building up suspense and a fear of the aliens without really showing them.  There was a lot of potential in the story and the cinematography had a few glimmers of hope.  It was worth the $9.00 (especially if you like alien movies).
Oh, and afterwards, we walked around downtown with our cameras, shooting by street light.  I took a few photos of Marshall, which can be seen above, and one really random shot of a boat crossing the city line of Toronto.  I really like the feel of these photos, even though they were unplanned and spur of the moment decisions.  I decided to shoot a portrait with a paired architectural detail.

There are more photos coming this week;  I have a few shoots planned over the next couple of days.

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