Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jeff Z

This is Jeff.  He rides a cool bike, he's a super nice guy and a good soccer player.

I got this idea while biking around downtown late at night; I have trouble sleeping sometimes.  It's been one of those ideas that is super simple, but kept getting delayed due to weather or timing.  We finally were able to shoot it after a game this week.  It was a really quick shoot since I had a game in an hour, but I was able to get a few frames I like.  I love the cinematic feel.

 I snapped a few while we were waiting for a break in Lakeshore's traffic as well.

Some behind the scenes now, and in case you were wondering what it looked like, here's a camera test featuring Jamie Rosenthal's hand.  He was nice enough to bike over and give me a hand (ha...).  He was definitely a must when working around Lakeshore and moving cars on a Friday night.

 ...and here's our transportation.  Bonus points to anyone who knows where that giant whale mural is.


  1. Those look great! Definitely looks cinematic. The colours are great compared to what I'm used to seeing in downtown Toronto at night.

  2. Beautiful shots. The mural is on the Sugar plant at Jarvis/Lakeshore correct?