Saturday, May 14, 2011

walking with the blad

Today was one of those days where nothing was lined up.  It was rainy, miserable and quite foggy.

I had my blad already loaded so I threw it in my small pack, along with my light meter and an extra roll.  After I was all packed, I threw on my trusty trekking shoes and weather gear (aka my bright orange jacket - yes it's thomasdagg colours...) and met up with Erin Leydon.  She's a recent grad from OCAD, and a fellow filum lover.  

Here are a few frames from the roll of HP5 showing Toronto by the water in the fog.  On a related side note, I really love my blad for stuff like this. 

I also felt like attaching a frame from North Bay that was on the same roll.  I liked the contrast of shops and rolling hills.  

I can't wait to talk about some style related gear I picked up recently.  The next blog post will involve it so stay tuned!  

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