Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter visit

 My parents came down to visit this weekend for Easter.  They went to see a show at Canon Theatre this afternoon, so I am finally able to write this blog post/show some non-contrived portraiture.
I took these two photos yesterday at different times of the day.   They both love the balcony.  It's oddly suiting that the chair they are sitting on is an old fold up they gave to me when I moved out.

I prefer having a concept and working through my ideas before shooting, but I'm definitely starting to appreciate the spontaneous light, pose and subject matter that more documentary work brings.  I will be shooting way more of it this summer, I'm sure.

You've seen enough of my Dad on here I'm sure, but I hope you enjoy both.  Especially the one of my rarely-in-front-of-a-camera mother :-).

Exciting news is coming this week fingers crossed!  Stay tuned...

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