Wednesday, April 20, 2011

post two

Day two (yesterday) went really well.

We shot mostly inside, but had a few shots to do a few hundred feet from the campus, which was awesome.  I managed to snap this photo (during a break outside) of one of the campus buildings up here.  Imagine this style architecture in the middle of a deep valley, surrounded by a forest, a mini lake to the south(with it's own island) and rolling hills.  It has the looks of a 1970s Bond villain's evil lair...

It has such a sweet feel to it.  I wish I had a 4x5 camera, tripod and some time up here to shoot it corrected and from other cool angles.  It's quite the bummer.

BUT, I do have some exciting news in the next week (hopefully) or two!  Stayed tuned for that and maybe a few photos from our last day up here!

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