Friday, April 1, 2011


The last week of March was good.  I've been working constantly almost the whole month. 

I am really looking forward to the break I have this weekend.  

I had a few minutes after a shoot this week to try a lens I've never tried before on a digi blad kit (it was the 35 f/3.5).  I love the 35mm focal length on a 35mm camera, it's the perfect mix of wide and normal for documentary and street shooting... but on medium format, it was too wide for the way I see most things.

I thought I'd throw up two photos from my experimental 25 foot walk. The first one, above, is Andrew B. Myers, a photographer over at Westside Studio.  As I came back in he was on the stairs smoking.  Had to snap one.  You can see it on their blog with links here.  
Also took a shot of across Ward St. in those 25 feet.

Anyways, small/random photo documentary(ish) update with a digi blad...  Next post soon.

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