Thursday, June 23, 2011

bikes and stuff

I finally bought a bike.

It has been life changing for me living in downtown Toronto.  I cannot believe how long it took to cut my dependence on the TTC.  

Now I bike everywhere. It not only saves me time, but makes scouting locations incredibly efficient.  I'm barely able to hold in the excitement!  Especially when combined with my battery pack system...  I'm 100% mobile.

My bike is a Fuji classic.  It fits my personality perfectly (it's why I bought it).  Yes, Fuji is probably the perfect bike company for a photographer (I actually wrote RDP III on the frame, bonus points to whoever gets the nerd reference) but that's not the reason I bought the bike.  It really wanted a single speed/fixed gear bike.  My minimalistic nature loves this;  no extra gears, no extra components and superior reliability.

Warren from last post also has a bike.  We went exploring yesterday, and I brought along my trusty Ricoh, loaded with Tri-X.  The shutter is starting to go (giving some weird choppy exposures on the edges) but its size and weight get it a place in my bag almost all the time.  Above is a photo of Warren, his bike, and his Contax 645.

 Here's my trusty steed...

... and here's an outtake.

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