Sunday, July 17, 2011

Locations often surprise me.

I was asked by Rodrigo Daguerre , a photographer/assistant I met a few months ago, if I would be willing to stand in front of his camera.  I responded with a rare, "yes".

We arrived at Pi Media and I was surprised how cool a location it was.  Rodrigo is an assistant there, and I was quickly lead down to a large warehouse style room with set after set of fake rooms, walls and windows.
Amidst the organized chaos of gear and carpentry he set up and started his process for making photos.  Here's my view via iphone...

After he got his shot, he returned the favour and stood in front of my camera.  
I was drawn to this area (see first image - click to make bigger).  I wasn't expecting to like the studio as much as I did.  I loved the collection of random room props, electrical cables and boxes. The only ambient light came from modelling lights, which added to the eerie mood of the space.  The house lights stayed off the entire time we were there (it's how they work).  This is his "office"; it's where he works every day.  It's why I like environmental work so much... you really never know what you're going to get.   

Techie side note - I didn't have enough control using the actual strobes (only had 2400 w/s speedo packs at my disposal), so this entire thing was lit via their modelling lights and shot at 1600-3200 iso...  

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